MERLOT Tutorials

Gerry Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT, offers his expertise using the archive in a series of tutorials as described below.

MERLOT Tutorial
Overview of MERLOT
Learn about the wide range of services provided by MERLOT for FREE, the advantage of membership, and how to discover Open Education Resources easily.

MERLOT Tutorial
Second Sip
Take an in-depth look at what MERLOT provides you to help you choose the best resources for your teaching and learning needs. You'll learn about MERLOT's peer reviews, member comments, learning assignments for students, and personal collections. A science example is used to illustrate these elements.

MERLOT Tutorial
Becoming an Active MERLOT Member
This is an overview of the benefits of becoming a member, setting up a profile - an academic Facebook, and how to locate other members with similar interests. A history example is used to illustrate these elements.

MERLOT Tutorial
Contributing to the MERLOT Collection
Learn how to contribute online resources that you think are good so others can easily find them. A faculty development website example is used.

MERLOT Tutorial
Locating People on MERLOT
Learn how to locate people with similar teaching and research interests for advice, networking and collaboration. In addition to basic information about people, it is possible to access their personal collections of effective MERLOT materials to add to your collection. A business example is used to illustrate this service of MERLOT.

MERLOT Tutorial
New Faculty, Welcome to MERLOT
This is an illustration of the effectiveness of using MERLOT to locate teaching and learning materials to develop new courses. It addresses the challenges faced by new faculty, and how to meet them using MERLOT resources. A teacher education example is used to illustrate this aspect of MERLOT.

MERLOT Tutorial
Advanced Uses of MERLOT
Learn how to use MERLOT's advanced search services for both people and materials in MERLOT so you can find what you want faster. We use an example from the arts to illustrate the service.
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