CSU faculty human resource benefits

Finding benefits
There are a number of benefits available to CSU faculty, and taking advantage of them will improve you as a member of the faculty.  Each campus has a Human Resources site, and the links to those sites are included below under “CSU Campus Human Resources Links.”

Example benefits
In addition to health, dental, vision, insurance, flexible spending accounts, and retirement benefits (including an early retirement program), as a CSU faculty member you have access to a fee waiver program for yourself or your immediate family members.  By filling out a simple form each semester, you are able to take courses and complete degree programs for a much reduced cost.  In addition, Human Resources offers workshops and trainings in all sorts of areas, including health and wellness, weight management, writing, defensive driving, Microsoft outlook workday control, and others.

Using benefits
Take the time at the outset of your employment with the CSU to learn about and sign up for all the benefits you may need now or in the future.  While many are available each year in an open enrollment period, others cannot be adjusted once your decisions have been made at the outset of your employment.

Benefits Sites

CSU Systemwide Human Resources
This site is designed for CSU staff, administrators and executives involved in HR functions.  If you cannot locate what you need here, contact the HR site for a specific campus.

CSU Campus Human Resource Links
Direct links to the HR page for each of the 23 campuses in the CSU system are listed for both faculty and staff.

CSU Faculty Workload Reports
Academic research and resources has prepared reports on workload of CSU faculty.


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