Faculty Resources

Identifying, Locating and Utilizing Resources

Institute for Teaching and Learning
Promotes the highest standards of university teaching.

Center for Community Engagement
Details initiatives that support faculty-community connections. 

Systemwide Information Technology Services
Supports faculty for electronic access to information.

Academic Technology Services
identifies and supports academic technology initiatives.

Faculty Opportunities for International Programs
Provides CSU international opportunities for Faculty.

Systemwide Library Services
Offers access to online resources, at CSU and other libraries.

CSU Careers
Provides a comprehensive summary of benefits.

CFA Faculty Labor Contract
Outlines negotiated contract details.

Faculty Resources

Sources of support
It is inevitable that new faculty members will face issues or situations for which support or information is needed. New faculty members should take advantage of resources offered, benefits available, or support needed. These opportunities may be in the form of training, mentoring, support, or prepared materials. For example in the CSU system, individual CSU campuses and the CSU Chancellor’s Office offer a variety of professional development opportunities, Human Resources and the CalPERS retirement system offer information about benefits, and the California Faculty Association (CFA) provides support on labor and management issues.

Purpose of resources
Each of the resources is designed to support teaching, research and / or service activities, or as a way to learn more about the role of a faculty member, and to outline some of the benefits of being a faculty member. There are other experiences that provide a way to get to know faculty and staff across the campus.

Enhancing faculty practice
Faculty members who make good use of available resources are more effective, better prepared, and more efficient. The time used exploring resources is well spent due to the expertise, guidance, and time savings associated with becoming fully engaged as a faculty member.

Locating resources
Each campus website has a “Faculty & Staff” link that directs faculty to numerous places for support, training, and information. In addition campuses often have a faculty development center that serves as a clearinghouse for faculty development materials and activities. Search the campus website carefully to learn about opportunities. Take the time to introduce yourself to staff in the various centers of support, and make the effort to learn about the services they offer. If a new faculty orientation is offered, take advantage of the introduction to people and places around campus, and what services they provide to faculty, staff and students.

Benefits for faculty
As one example, the CSU system offers a generous array of benefits to faculty. These include a fee waiver program, medical and dental coverage, a range of insurance options, and a number of pre-tax options for health care accounts. Faculty have a defined benefit retirement program through CalPERS, and are eligible for a long term care insurance program. California faculty are represented in labor negotiations by the California Faculty Association. Check at your campus to see what resources are available to faculty members there.

Possible questions to ask about Faculty Resources:

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