Learn from effective professors

Listen to award winning faculty
Sometimes new faculty members have an opportunity to learn from outstanding professors directly.  These role models often provide further detail about a teaching strategy, adding flesh to a skeletal principle or practice.  While each teaching style is different, the tips, insights and strategies demystified will offer an array of ways that new faculty members can enhance their practice. 

Seek opportunities to connect
New faculty members should seek opportunities to observe, ask questions of, and team teach with outstanding instructors in their setting. The next best thing is accessing tips, writings, reflections and ruminations from effective instructors. Both are offered in the links below.

Tips from Effective Professors

What Good Teachers Say About Teaching
University of California Berkeley
These reflections on teaching come from faculty at UC Berkeley who have received a Distinguished Teaching Award for outstanding teaching.

Teaching Tips From Experienced Teachers
Myers, D.G., Psychology Professor, Hope College (March, 2005). Observer, Association for Psychological Science, Vol. 18, No. 3
In addition to useful tips, this article outlines the big five behavior differences between best and worst teachers, along with advice from award winning teachers.

Teaching the Social World
Professor LeBlanc, Seymous Schulich Award for Teaching Excellence
These are words of advice from an award winning professor.

Reflections on Teaching
Olney, M.L. Recipient of Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching (1997). Economic History Association
Dr. Olney offers thoughts about her teaching and why she feels students respond to it.

Teaching Tips from Faculty
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, George Washington University
Faculty members from across campus share their ideas about successful teaching on this website.

A Dozen Teaching Tips for Diverse Classrooms
Fogg, P. (2007). Chronicle of Higher Education, Community Colleges, Vol. 54, Iss. 9, p. B12. University of Hawaii, Honolulu
Various faculty offer their best advice on teaching.

Thirty-three Teaching Tips for New Law Professors
Gebbia-Pinetti, K. M. (June, 2001). Workshop for new law teachers, Association of American Law Schools
These practical tips are designed to start the semester off smoothly, and apply to a number of disciplines.

Teaching Tips
Shulz, B., Coordinator, (November, 1994), New Currents. Teaching Development Office, University of Calgary
Rather than teach like our favorite professors, this author believes we teach the opposite of those professors we disliked. He suggests reflecting on our teaching regularly and revising our practice to continually improve.

Speaking of Teaching Newsletters
The Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
This series of newsletters is designed to address topics of interest to junior faculty. Topics include: Getting more teaching out of testing and grading, team teaching benefits and challenges, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, keeping it fresh, and creatively speaking.

Institute for Teaching & Learning, California State University
This newsletter is designed to forge connections among faculty in the CSU.

Teaching Across Difference

Faculty Leading Faculty: University of Colorado, Boulder Reflects on Good Teaching Across Difference
Wathington, H., Editor and Director of Programs (Spring, 2002). Diversity Digest. Office of Diversity, Equity, and Global Initiatives,
University of Colorado Publications.  Boulder, Colorado

This website contains a link to a series of informative, thoughtful papers by faculty that describe the range of ways to teach across difference, and provide satisfying learning environments for the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Innovations in Teaching

Introductory Science Moves Beyond Rocks for Jocks
Chronicle of Higher Education
This article addresses teaching science to non-majors through big ideas,

Using the Web to Teach Economics
Poulter, M. & Chalmers, D. (April 2005). Economics Network, The Higher Education Academy
This website outlines ways to use the web when teaching economics, including designing activities, making web materials, and pitfalls.

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